sWeaTy FUPa

it’s like lookin’ in a mirror

this brings a tear to my eye ;__;

this brings a tear to my eye ;__;

New Charity Idea!

Meow for Homeless Homos:

As we all know, the number of homeless gay youth is increasing. This blows. That is why i decided i was going to give back. i thought, “what do i want?” as suburban child sitting in his warm bed. Then it hit me…..a cat. Meow for Homeless Homos will hand out over 800 cats to homeless gay teens across the country. 

Thanks for listening!

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cha cha cha

Factz uv lyfe

If you have sex with someone who has massive boobie implants you are a pedophile. You are having sex wif sum1 where 2/3 of their body mass are 4 years old and made in taiwan….that’s also basically smuggling illegal immigrants.

juz sayin’

Dat was factz uv lyfe. N sum ruhl talk with R. Kelly

Intill(s)exual thoughtz 4 da daii

i have soo manii feelinggzzzz+queztionz while watching the real l word.

When am i ovulating?

What kind of lesbian am i?

New York lesbians or LA lesbians?

How do all these lesbians meet each other and become friends and how do i become involved?

Sara is clearly doing the show because it is advantageous for her career as a hair stylist. I just realized this show would be advantageous for my blog. Sing.me.up.

Is there anything hotter than a lesbasian?

Who knew lesbians were such light packers

WHy dont i have a friend that cums 2 me while im ovulating and helps me get pregnant?

Can one sign up for a spot in the lesbian wheel or is it first come first serve or do you have to know someone?

Why does her name sound like sadah when it is sarah?

Is there anything better than oreos while watching the real l word? Oh right, lesbasians

no one should ever be able to say the phrase “pussy sauce”

I want a cat.

They have butt douches that work as strap ons that squirt stuff! 

rockin’ dís errdaii, all daii

rockin’ dís errdaii, all daii

bishes stole my idea…#life is a struggle for da rich and famous